Resolve the Error KMode Exception Not Handled due to overclocking on Windows 10!

KMode Exception Not Handled

The “KMode Exception Not Handled” error is a “Blue Screen of death” mistake that frequently happens in Windows 10. This error is a signal of an approaching crash.

Ultimately, the crash happens when a Kernel Mode software application spots a problem, which is hard to recognize from the mistake notice itself. There is typically a mistake code of 0x0000001E and generally, the procedure falls into loop reboot.

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Errors can trigger a system crash in different methods. They are not constantly severe and are generally resolved with a basic reboot. Often you may run into a mistake that duplicates itself over and over in a looping reboot; “KMode Exception Not Handled” on Windows 10 is one such situation.

When attempting to resolve a KMode Exception Not Handled mistake on Windows 10 the “blue screen of death” is continually a challenge for Windows users. That is why, in this post, we will reveal to you how to solve this error, prevent a looping restart, and steer clear of that deadly blue.


How to Fix a KMode Exception Not Handled Error due to overclocking?


Approach 1: Disable fast start-up

Technique 2: Update your motorists.


Method 3: Run Windows memory diagnostics.

Disable quick start-up


Disabling fast start-up is one way to troubleshoot the error. To do this, follow these actions:


On your keyboard, press the Windows key and R secret at the very same time. Type “control panel” and press Enter.

Then, click on System and Security.

Next, choose Power Options.

Click select what the power button does.

Now click on Change settings that are presently not available.

Then, untick the box for Turn on quick start-up (recommended). Click Save changes to conserve and exit kmode exception not handled

Examine to see if the KMode Exception not handled error has actually been fixed.


Update your motorists


Press the Windows secret + X key at the same time and select gadget supervisors from the menu on the pop-up.

Once within the gadget manager, look for different gadgets.

Right-click on the unknown gadget.

Click on upgrade driver program.

Next, click on the search regularly for current motorist software.

Wait while the motorists are upgraded.

Finally, Restart your computer to apply changes.


Run Windows memory diagnostics


Open Windows memory diagnostics through typing in the search box of Windows 10.

Click restart now and inspect for issues.

Fix the problems that have actually been identified and reboot Windows.


If the KMode Exception Not Handled error continues to continue after trying all of those choices, you may require to believe about doing a brand-new Windows 10 install to your computer system. If even that doesn’t work, understand that an old BIOS variation is possibly the root of your concerns and may require to be updated.


These are the finest methods for users to resolve a KMode Exception Not Handled due to the fact that overclock on a pc that has installed windows 10. We hope the methods above were handy for you and aid you in avoiding a looping reboot situation. Furthermore, if you have any concerns, let us know in the remark box. Share this guide with your buddies, family, and coworkers so they can get back to utilizing their computers with ease.